Since 2005 I have been active in the home building business.  I enjoy helping my clients achieve what they are trying to accomplish.

❧  I limit the number of jobs I take on so that I can remain 100% responsive to the client.  I answer my cell phone and return calls quickly.  I am responsive and attentive to calls, questions and concerns.

❧ I do not hire a superintendent to run the job sites.  I am on the jobs personally multiple times each day and I manage the projects.  I am in charge and I know what is going on at all times.  I do not rely on anyone else to take care of my clients.  

❧ I have heard many stories from people who began a homebuilding project with such excitement for both their new home and their builder.  Often this excitement erodes into frustration and exasperation toward the builder.  This does not happen with me.  I am glad to provide a complete list of projects and clients as references.  The list will be a COMPLETE list, not just a subset of happy clients.

❧ I use quality subcontractors.  I give them advanced notice of when they will be needed on the job.  This helps them plan their time and makes my projects run efficiently with no down time.  I pay my subcontractors quickly and they enjoy working for me.  A complete list of subcontractors is available for you to contact and ask them directly how they like working for me. 

I  would appreciate the opportunity to talk with you.  If you are interested, please contact me on my cell phone at 214-533-5707.

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